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Lokmanya Tilak

Established in 1921, according to the directions of Mahatma Gandhi, as the educational memorial of Lokmanya Tilak, great patriot, leader of the freedom struggle and the great thinker, Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth aimed at imparting national education. The selfless work put in by the devoted teachers and students enabled the Vidyapeeth to survive against all odds during the
pre-independence period.Since inception the Vidyapeeth has catered to the changing needs of the society without compromising on quality and its prime objectives. In recognition of the fundamental contribution made by the Vidyapeeth in the fields of Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Social Sciences and Distance Education, the Vidyapeeth was awarded the status of a Deemed University in the year 1987.

The horizons of the Vidyapeeth have been widening ever since. All the departments of the Vidyapeeth are well known at the national and international levels for their quality research work and other innovative and creative activities. All the programmes are designed to make the students more practically oriented and thereby make them capable of facing the challenges in life very confidently. The faculty of Distance Education established in 1985 is taking great leaps ahead. Novel programmes such as BCA, MCA, BBA, MBA, DSW, Hotel Management, Engineering Diploma, Nursing are adding variety to its menuUnder the inspiring leadership of Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor Dr. Deepak Tilak, the Vidyapeeth is making all-sided development. In addition to programmes that cherish our Indian heritage, the Vidyapeeth has also entered into the field of Modern Sciences and hence has launched the new faculty i.e. Modern Sciences and Professional Skills.

With the well-equipped infrastructure, facilities of Information - Communication Technology and with a team of dedicated staff of the Vidyapeeth is all geared to take challenges in the era of globalization.

The Vidyapeeth has focused on fulfillment of Lokmanya's dream of imparting national education that will enable the students to contribute productively to developing a strong modern India.

We wish all the students a very bright and successful educational career.

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